High integrity and professionalism

I have known Eric Ryan for over 12 years and have found him to be one of the top financial recruiters in the valley. He has been instrumental in finding top tier Audit and Tax professionals for my firm. I recommend Headfarmer to any professionals that are looking to work with an experienced recruiter with high integrity and professionalism.

Andrew Kramer, CPA - Partner at Regional CPA Firm
One of the best and most respected in the industry.

Eric played a major role in all of my hiring decisions. Eric consistently presented the highest caliber of candidates and he put extra effort into making sure placements were not only a good fit technically but that they were equally a good fit for our corporate culture. Eric took the time to know our people and our business and has always been extremely responsive. I plan on using Eric extensively going forward as opportunities arise and I need to find the best candidates possible. He is, to put it succinctly, one of the best and most respected in the industry.

Brian McCaw, CPA - Corporate Controller Naumann Hobbs Material Handling, INC
Extremely Strong Recruiter

Jessica is an extremely strong recruiter. She not only understands the accounting and finance discipline, but more importantly she understands people, and what motivates them. You can’t teach that level of understanding of people. Either you have it or you don’t. Jessica has it.

Doug Wilson - Corporate Recruiting Manager at JDA Software, Inc.
The most reliable external recruiting resource

Eric has been the most reliable external recruiting resource for our CPA firm over the last 7 years. He has provided us with a combination of 6 exceptional Audit & Tax professionals who have contributed to our growth. Eric has gone above and beyond traditional recruiters by providing us with local market hiring trends and compensation reviews. I would recommend him to any company or firm looking to work with an experienced and reliable recruiter.

Stephen Rodis, CPA - Partner Wallace, Plese & Dreher
It’s like dealing with a friend

I have worked with Eric and Jessica on multiple occasions, both as a hiring manager and as a prospective candidate. Regardless of the capacity, their passion to engineer a successful long term relationship for both candidate and employer has always been obvious. They take a deeper interest in prospective candidates than most recruiters, by offering career counseling and coaching that has been developed over years of experience. When I work with Eric and Jessica, I feel secure knowing that I am getting honest feedback from someone that has my best interest in mind; it’s like you are dealing with a friend you have known for years. That type of relationship is very hard to find in your personal or professional life, and in the world of recruiting it’s this unique approach that sets them apart.

Jason Barone, CPA, MBA - Finance Director

Mission Statement

To support our community by serving as trusted advisors for professionals and organizations who are looking to optimize their careers and businesses.